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Unveiling New Insights on Video Ad Performance: Meta\’s Research Highlights (Infographic)

Meta has recently released a study that dives into the effectiveness of its ad campaigns. With a particular emphasis on the impact of video formats, including the immensely popular Reels, this research provides invaluable insights into the short and long-term efficacy of Meta’s advertising strategies. In collaboration with Nielsen, the study spanned three years and focused on […]
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A Beginner\’s Guide to Navigating Facebook\’s Business Inbox

If you\’re a marketer, you\’re likely using Facebook to promote your business and reach as many people as possible. However, it\’s important to stay up-to-date with any changes to the tools you use, including Facebook. One recent change is the Creator Studio inbox being updated to the Meta Suite inbox. To ensure you\’re familiar with […]
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5 Best Practices For Meta Advertising In 2023

The world of Facebook and Instagram are still a big contender in the social platform war in 2023. Because of that, it\’s still important to make sure your brand stays relevant and competitive on the Meta platform. Meta has changed over the year, and it\’s always a good idea to make sure you keep up […]
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Meta Updates Their Terminology For Accounts Reached Within Ad Campaigns

On January 20, 2023, Meta announced an update to the terminology that it uses to display performance metrics. The term ‘people’ was updated to ‘Accounts Center accounts’ within Ads Manager, Ads Reporting, Ads Help Center, Commerce Insights and Instagram Insights. This seems like a small and unremarkable update, but it’s still worth knowing, as it could impact your […]
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What\’s A Great Way To Find Potential Customers With Lead Generation Solutions On Meta Technologies?

Lead generation is important in today\’s marketing industry. But getting those leads isn\’t always easy. It\’s certainly no easier than making your great products and services. You have to be able to really get people\’s attention and wow them enough to buy what you\’re selling. You\’ve got to win their trust. In the following video […]
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Meta Launches New B2B Advertising Audiences In Order To Help Marketers Reach Key Decision Makers

According To Meta, the company has announced a set of B2B targeting audience segments with the intention to provide another way for B2B marketers to reach key decision-makers on all of their app. Th segments have been released globally, and is meant to reach all business sizes, including small, medium and large. The reason for […]