Month: July 2022

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How Much Is Your Time Worth? HVAC Business Mindset On Adding Accessories To Your Solutions List

How much do you value your time? How much per hour is your time worth? This simple HVAC business mindset can completely change your HVAC business if you believe and agree with what the HVAC Millionaire shares in this video.
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Moz’s Complete Guide To Social Media Competitor Analysis

Many know that a social Media competitive analysis is an effective way to obtain information on your standing amongst the competition. It’s a form of analysis that examines the social media of your competition’s performance. If you evaluate your social competitors, you will be able to create social media competitive reports, which will let you […]
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SEO Copywriting Guide: 10 Tips To Improve Your Content (Infographic)

Have you wanted to improve your content so you can improve your SEO and ultimately rank better on Google? The SEMrush has put together an infographic that shares their SEO copywriting tips. The infographic includes the following information: Find the right keywords Find questions people ask Identify and map search intent Check competitors’ articles for your target keywords Gather […]
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How To Write Captions For Your Products And Services

If you are struggling with caption creation for your products and services, it’s ok, but it isn’t always easy to do. You can wager that you’re not the only one who has troubles with it. Many marketers and advertisers have the same struggles as you do. LYFE Marketing created the following video to help out. […]
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How Do You Use Google’s Structured Markup Helper?

What is Google’s Markup Help and what can it do to help you out with structured data? According to Google, “The Structured Data Markup Helper helps you mark up elements on your web page so that Google can understand the data on the page.” It can even help you change your email templates, which will allow Gmail […]
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Crucial Tips For Managing Microsoft Shopping Ads

It seems that everyone is always talking about Google Shopping Ads. You see so many posts and articles about how you can make better shopping ads for Google, the benefits of using it, and the like. Although you can find material regarding Microsoft Shopping Ads, it seems that most of the stuff you find online […]