Month: October 2022

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Leveraging Psychology In Marketing – What Are The 7 Principles Of Persuasion You Should Use?

Do you want to use basic psychology within your marketing campaigns to improve your online marketing strategy? If so, the team from Cloud IQ decided to share some useful marketing psychology tips, and have placed them in the following infographic. The tips are broken down as follows: Persuasion architecture Emotion-driven behavior Social proof Scarcity and loss aversion […]
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What Will Web3 Mean For Digital Marketers?

If you’ve heard anything about Web3, also called Web 3.0, you might have heard certain words being thrown, such as “decentralization,” “digital self-sovereignty” and “user-specific”. But what do those things even mean? According to Shaun Heng, vice president and chief of staff at CoinMarketCap, “The ownership element is the key difference between Web 2.0, the current […]
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Google Ads Smart Bidding Pros and Best Practices

Google search ads is a great tool that you can use to drive sales and traffic to your website. But despite this, managing ad campaigns can be complex and time consuming. If you\’re experiencing this situation a lot, you might want to consider using Google Ads smart bidding. Smart bidding is designed to help make […]
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How To Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost From Your Marketing

In this video, I\’ll be showing you 𝟑 𝐬𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬 to start significantly reducing and lowering your customer acquisition cost from your marketing campaigns Here are what you can do: Switching to a full funnel marketing approach to reduce CAC Optimising the customer journey to improve website conversion rate Using a scorecard to test and […]
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Metrics For Better Keyword Research – Whiteboard Friday

Putting together some keyword ideas is great, but if you aren\’t looking at the the right metrics, you aren\’t going to get very far. The whole idea behind metrics is to make the data-driven decision. If your metrics don\’t quite fit what you\’re trying to accomplish, then your marketing strategy won\’t be as effective as […]

How Can A CRM Boost Your Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing today, as over 3.9 billion active users around the world utilize email. Email is a great way to offer endless ways to provide information to your customers, clients, and audience in general. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, just like email marketing, is an important tool you […]