Month: November 2022

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Top Mistakes When Running A Business And How To Avoid Them

There are plenty of things business owners have to think about, and one of those things is the potential of failure. There are a number of things to worry about, including cash flow problems to lack of demand and many things in between. In this Semrush video, Brian talks with Elaine Pofeldt, independent journalist and […]
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LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices For 2023 (Infographics)

If you haven’t built a LinkedIn Page for you business yet, you’re missing out on all the new connections, followers, employees and customers/clients. Among the advantages of using LinkedIn for business, a company page gives your business the opportunity to tell your company’s story, share career opportunities and scale your word of mouth marketing. Whether […]
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What Are 12 GA4 Expectations That You Should Have As It Replaces Universal Analytics?

We’ve seen a lot of news and posts about Google Analytics 4 (GA4) since it was first introduced. But, as Search Engine Journal says, one of things that seems to be overlooked are the expectations you should be looking at when it GA4 finally becomes the only thing to use. Adam Proehl was able to talk […]
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5 Organic Facebook Marketing Trends

Do you struggle with Facebook marketing trends? If so, then this LYFE Marketing video will help you find out the top organic Facebook marketing trends that bring on better metrics at a low cost! Here are the top organic Facebook marketing trends that are covered in the video: If you are struggling with Facebook marketing […]
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The Stat Of Search Engine Optimization in 2022: Stats And Trends You Need To Know (Infographic)

All of us worry about our SEO. Is it doing well enough? One of the things we worry about is our return on investment (ROI) of our SEO strategy. If that’s the case, you are probably wanting to discover the important issues that will affect SEO in 2023. In that case, you’ve come to the […]
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What Is Google’s Thoughts On Solving How To Write Good Alt Text

IF you run a website or post on social media, you know that alt text is a very common feature these days. There are plenty of people who can benefit from alt text, including the blind, visually impaired, or who are on a bad internet connection. Those sites what use alt text can help describe […]