Meta Updates Their Terminology For Accounts Reached Within Ad Campaigns

On January 20, 2023, Meta announced an update to the terminology that it uses to display performance metrics.

The term ‘people’ was updated to ‘Accounts Center accounts’ within Ads Manager, Ads Reporting, Ads Help Center, Commerce Insights and Instagram Insights.

This seems like a small and unremarkable update, but it’s still worth knowing, as it could impact your ad reporting

As explained Meta:

“Our calculation methodology for these metrics is not changing. The numbers you see in your reporting are the same as before; the only difference is the name. For example, if a person has one Facebook account and one Instagram account that are linked, they will be counted as one Accounts Center account. However, if those same accounts are not linked, they will be counted as two separate Accounts Center accounts for ads planning and measurement purposes.”

This can make a certain amount of difference because some people will have connected their Facebook and Instagram accounts, while others haven’t. Your reporting can be affected now that there’s a difference between these two situations.

Here is information that is also relevant:

When a person has more than one account and has not added them to the same Accounts Center account, then actions (such as clicking on an ad, liking photos, or adding comments) taken on the separate accounts are counted separately even though they were performed by the same person. This means that if someone with multiple accounts that have not been added to the same Accounts Center clicked on a post while using their Facebook business Page and then switched to their personal Facebook profile and clicked on the same post, we would count these as link clicks by two Accounts Center accounts, not one. But if that person had added both of those accounts to the same Accounts Center then we would count this as one Accounts Center account link click, and two link clicks total.”

Make sure to check out the full report over on Meta for all the details.

Scott Davenport

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