Social Media Marketing for HVAC

What is Social Media Marketing?

You probably already know what Social Media is.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Social Media is a fantastic forum for businesses to gain an engaged audience of loyal followers.  The problem is, most businesses don’t understand how to do this effectively. Nor do many have the time or resources to manage this massive channel internally. That’s where Thrive comes in.


Social Media Marketing Drives Results!


Build an Engaged Audience

Thrive Business Marketing specializes in cross-channel advertising. In fact, we were preaching the need for cross-channel ad strategies nearly a decade ago. The few who listened received the greatest rewards! Let Thrive show you the way to more sales and/or greater leads… at a much lower cost than Adwords alone. The trick is to diversify. Spread your ads out across Google, Bing, and Facebook. Others can be added in as appropriate for your focus.


Improve SEO and Increase Traffic

One of the most powerful external link sources to boost your SEO, is social media. We’ll ensure your social strategy also pushes powerful links and traffic to your website. We’ll also assist you with sales or lead generation optimization so that your social traffic is profitable.


Build Total Brand Awareness

Thrive Business Marketing experts are long-time digital marketing veterans (some of us 18 years in the business) who know all the greatest ways to win in paid advertising and mixed marketing methods.

Ready To Thrive?

Get in touch with us today to start growing your business, or if you’d like to discuss campaign options.

#1 - Assign Social Media Expert to Your Account

We will assign one of our social media experts to you, who will be responsible for leading your social media strategy. It will be important for them to learn as much as they can about your business, and for there to be open communication in order to ensure everyone is happy with your campaign progress.

#2 - Learn All About Your Business

By far the most important part of building your social media strategy, is getting to know your business.  This may be the only time you need (or want) to get involved; but it's incredibly important for our management process.  We have a super-cool, streamlined process for you to get us up to speed on all kinds of business information.  This process can be done online, entirely on your own time table, or your account manager can set up a call and work through the process with you.


#3 - Social Advertising Strategy Development (if applicable)

Not every business advertises on Facebook.  Nor does every business need to.  Depending on your needs and goals, we’ll work with you to determine if paid advertising would be valuable for your business.  If it is, this is the stage where we’ll plan effective ad campaigns, target conversion goals, and build ad creative to meet these goals.

#4 - Create a Social Strategy and Calendar

Now that we understand your business, we have some intimate details about how to approach your audience, and our posting and advertising (if applicable) needs are known, it’s time to finalize our strategies and get posts scheduled to go live.

#5 - Post, Engage, Analyze, Repeat

We manage your social media marketing activities on a daily basis. We continually create new posts and monitor activities on each platform, engaging with people as appropriate for our campaign goals.  You have 24/7 access to Thrive Social Server (management platform) and will always have a 7-day window to review and change any posts we have scheduled.  You are also welcome to add posts directly to our platform, should you have something you want to get out to the world right away.

#6 - Reporting and Review

You will have 24/7 access to your custom reporting portal, which gives you all of your marketing data from any campaign you have with Thrive, and allows you to pull or schedule detailed reports whenever you choose.  In addition, your account rep will send you weekly or monthly reports (your choice), and will check with you to schedule meetings as you desire (usually bi-weekly or monthly).

Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing we do is work with you on an extensive questionnaire and interview.  As part of this we also gather pertinent information about your business, your brand, audience, and competitors.  We’ll then run several posts by you to start to get a feel for how you like them. From there, your rep will become more and more familiar with your business, making ongoing posts more fluent.

The only time we truly need your help is the beginning onboarding interview. The more information we get during that process, the better prepared we’ll be to write all of your posts for you.  From there, you will not need to provide any content unless you have something specific for us.

We use our exclusive social scheduling platform, called HVAC Social Server, which we give you complete access to as well.  We schedule all posts 1 week (7-days) out, which means you always have 7-days to review and request edits to any posts we create.

Typically, the goal of our social media campaign is to take it out of your hands so you don’t have to focus on it.  But we also give you total control of the whole system.  So if at anytime you feel like you want to be involved, you’re more than welcome to be.

Absolutely!  Everything we do to grow your audience fits Facebook policies and best practices, and we work regularly to clean and improve your audience so its the best it can be!

It depends on dozens of factors. If your brand is new to social media, it could take a couple months to really start seeing growth and engagement. If you’re well established already, you may see results from our work in just a few days.

Our plans start at $299/mo and go up to about $800/mo depending on your needs. Fill out the form to the right and we’ll get right back to you with a quote. You can also try out our social posting platform on your own for free.

Our work is month-to-month with 30-day notice of cancellation (via email is fine).


See what our clients say about our HVAC services, and what it's done for their business.


See what our clients say about our HVAC services, and what it's done for their business.

Connie Crandall

Very professional company. They created a beautiful website for us. Responses were quick and thorough. Easy to work with. Highly recommend.

Bill McKee

Thrive Business Marketing has exceeded all expectations for our new website and their service is amazing!

Advanced Mechanical

Great Service, friendly and thorough!...We have full confidence that Scott will help us get to where we need to be!

Kevin Safley

I have been using Thrive for my marketing and website design. It has been the best move. I have seen amazing improvements in our shop! If you need someone to work for you to help your business then call. They will sit down with you and personally work on your goals with a budget that is appreciated to what you want.

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