Month: June 2021

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Twitter Opens Up Public Applications for Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows

Twitter has been making a push with its creator monetization program for a while now, and they are now ready move into the next phase by giving users the ability to test its coming Super Follow and Ticketed Spaces options. As per Twitter: “At Twitter we want to help people make money, and give them tools they can […]
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YouTube Marketing Strategies & Tips To Grow Your Channel

Are you struggling to figure out what you should do to get into online video marketing for your HVAC business? Right now, we\’ve seen how big video has become over the last several years, so it would be foolish not to try your hand at creating some video marketing strategies for your brand. It doesn\’t […]
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What Are Some Powerful Facebook Ads Targeting Options You Can Use?

Facebook is a great place to get to know what\’s going on in the world, both globally and locally. The more we use the platform, the more it continues to grow, opening up a lot of potential advertising opportunities for marketers and businesses. Even though Engagement Remarketing options were introduced on Facebook, not many marketers […]

The Biggest Impact on SEO

Eric Schmidt the ex-CEO of Google once said, brands are the solution, they\’re not the problem, right? It\’s how you sort out the good companies from the cesspool. And I\’m paraphrasing his quote, but you guys get the point. It\’s pretty much saying brands are important and brands are a key factor in Google\’s rankings.

What You Need To Know About Scaling Your Link Building

It\’s pretty dang challenging to scale your link building, especially when you have to deal with a lot of heavy competition from other similar industries and brands. It\’s even harder when those brands are several times larger than your own. With a larger size, would come a larger amount of links that they can put […]

What Are Some Ways For Better Managing Several SEO Projects At The Same Time?

“Do you have any expert advice for managing multiple SEO projects on a daily basis? Would appreciate any tips or any type of guideline that will help SEO professionals like me.” This question, asked by Akshay in Ahmedabad, was answered in a post over on Search Engine Journal by Mindy Weinstein. Naturally, you want to […]