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Did you move, change business names, or get a new phone number? Let us fix your Local Listing for you!

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Let Us Fix Your Listings!

Are your NAP (Name. Address. Phone) settings wrong?  If you have inconsistent or incorrect citations (local listings) it can hurt your ability to rank - AND send customers to the wrong place!

Why would this happen?
• You've changed your business address
• You've changed to a new phone number
• You have variations of your name
• Local aggregators pick up the wrong information and distribute it.

Let Thrive fix these incorrect listings so you can get your ranking health back in good order!

How We Fix Local Citations

Correcting citations for a local HVAC business is very important, as you'll lose leads to the competition if your information is wrong.  But it can be a very tedious process to get things corrected - especially if you have a lot of listings already.

Thrive's team of Local Citation experts starts with your Google Business Profile, ensuring it is 100% accurate.  We then manually edit all other listings, and also remove harmful duplicate listings.


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Get Started With Your Citation Cleanup

Citation Cleanup

We can perform local citation cleanup as a part of our Managed SEO programs as well. But if you prefer a stand alone citation cleaning project, here is what you get:

- First we complete a local citation audit
- We identify all duplicated and/or incorrect information
- We reach out to each listing to correct the citation
- We monitor all correction submissions
- Then we deliver a detailed report of everything accomplished!

Local Citation Cleanup

  • One Time Cost
  • Complete audit of all existing citations
  • Two rounds of outreach and submissions to fix citations
  • Provide a detailed report

Important Note About Citation Cleanup

During your local citation clean up campaign, we will impersonate your brand. We’ve tested many outreach processes over the years, and we’ve found the best performing system comes from the angle of “working for the company”. You may receive additional calls or emails from data aggregators or directories for verification, so it’s important to be on the lookout!

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