Month: January 2022

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HVAC Business: 4 Types Of Market Targeting

Marketing our HVAC businesses is always top of mind this time of year. In this HVAC business video HVACmillionaire discusses the 4 types of market targeting. Finding people who are in the market and ready to receive what you have to offer will prevail as the best strategy possible.
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How to Design Infographics Specifically to Get Backlinks (Infographic)

Are you looking to figure out hot to generate backlinks for your SEO campaign? Do you want to be able to create HVAC related infographics that will act as linkable assets? If so, you\’re good! The folks over at New Reach Agency are here to show us some tips for success in the following infographic. The three points […]

What Are Some Of the Top Link Building Strategies

This should be pretty obvious by now, but link building is a pretty important aspect of your SEO strategies. Link building has been a big factor in how search engines rank web pages. If a particular web page has a lot of high-quality links pointing to it, search engines like Google will consider it relevant […]
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How to Make a Beautiful Landing Page That Converts

Are you finding that your website or landing page has a ton of traffic, but you\’re not seeing any interaction, and nobody wants to become a client? But why is that? why is it that 95% to 98% of all visitors to websites only take a look around, and then just leave, never to be […]
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Does Value of Internal Links Differ Based on Page Location?

Internal links are important aspect of a website since they allow Google to understand and rank your website better. By giving Google links to follow along with descriptive anchor text, you can indicate to Google which pages of your site are important, as well as what they are about. But is there a difference in the […]
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Everything You Need to Know About the New Facebook Business Suite

Let\’s face it, social media marketing isn\’t easy. This includes doing it on Facebook, and we have the ever-fluent landscape that is Facebook advertising to thank. , Recently, Facebook has been rolling out the Business Suite, and LYFE Marketing is here to cover the differences between the new Business Suite and the old Business Manager. […]