Month: February 2021

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Twitter Announces The Super Follow That Lets Users Monetize Tweets

We\’ve been given a first look at a brand new feature for Twitter called the Super Follow. This allows users to pay a monthly fee, and in return, users will gain access to Twitter premium content. During the Analyst Day event, Twitter showed off new features that seemed familiar to Facebook Groups. Twitter even ended […]
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Google Posts: Conversion Factor — Not Ranking Factor

Out of all the things that are considered a Google ranking factor, Google Posts are not one of them. Even then, they can be a great resource for increasing local business conversions. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Greg Gifford shows us how to put our best post out there.
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Social Media Size Guide Update 2021 (Infographic)

With the advent of social media, it seems that our average attention span has gotten shorter the more we use it. These days, it can be really easy to get somebody’s attention, but it’s just as easy to lose it again. This is why having a really cool visual can mean the world when it […]
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Facebook Launches New, SMB-Focused Ad Campaign to Counter Apple’s Coming IDFA Change

Back in December, Facebook decided to push forward with their public offensive against Apple’s coming IDFA changes and fight for small businesses. On February 26th, the company launched a brand new ad campaign, which includes TV and digital promotions. The purpose of the new campaign is to better explain why personalized ad targeting is good, and why […]
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Investigating Traffic Upticks

You\’ve been working on hard on your HVAC website, and you\’ve got your pages the way you want them, and you\’re blog posts are doing really well, too. But then, one day, the traffic going to one of your pages or a blog post suddenly jumps, and you\’re shocked on how or why this happened, […]
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1.8 Billion People Are Using Facebook Groups Each Month

Social media can be a godsend for all sorts of businesses, and the HVAC industry is no different. Facebook is a social media platform that has been quite popular, and is a great place to advertise your business. It\’s one thing to have a regular page for HVAC, but have you ever thought about creating […]