Month: August 2021

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LinkedIn Provides New Insights into Resurgent SMB Activity (Infographic)

COVID has certainly done a number on the world over the last year. It\’s hit us all in different ways, and for small businesses (SMB), it\’s been a real doozy. A lot of small businesses have gone out of business simply because less people coming in to support them, which is pretty sad. So many […]
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All You Need To Know About Google’s Title Tag Changes

It seems that a lot of folks, including the Marketing O\’Clock team, have noticed that there are issues with the titles in the Google SERPS. Although Google rewriting title tags aren’t really a new thing to happen, it was confirmed by Danny Sullivan that Google introduced a new system of generating titles for web pages. […]
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LinkedIn Publishes New Glossary of Marketing Terms to Help Improve Understanding

Trying to understand the jargon that comes with a new marketing update can be pretty frustrating. It\’s really easy to get lost in all the new things that come out of that update. Let\’s look at some of the acronyms that marketers use – TOFU, BOFU, AOV as well as others. If you don\’t know […]
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How Do You Set Up Google Analytics Goals?

Defining Goals is an important part of any digital analytics measurement plan. Having properly configured goals lets Analytics to provide you with all of the important information you need, such as the number of conversion and the conversion rate for your site. Having goals set up in Google Analytics is important because it will let […]
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How to Prioritize in SEO for the Greatest Business Impact

Establishing priorities is important in order to complete everything that needs to be done. Prioritization is important since it allows you to give your attention to tasks that are important and urgent so that you can later focus on lower priority tasks. This is the case with SEO. There’s always so much to do in […]
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How To Recover Your Lost SEO Traffic

Seeing your site traffic begin dropping really sucks. The first thing you might think of is the potential loss of business, or that your boss or client will kill you. It\’s actually pretty common that every site will see traffic drops, and there are a lot of reasons why it happens. Sure, it could be […]