5 Best Practices For Meta Advertising In 2023

The world of Facebook and Instagram are still a big contender in the social platform war in 2023. Because of that, it\’s still important to make sure your brand stays relevant and competitive on the Meta platform.

Meta has changed over the year, and it\’s always a good idea to make sure you keep up with Meta advertising best practices. After all, the company has been dominating machine learning with their launch of automated campaign types that have show promising efficiency.

Madalyn McConnell has come up with five best practices that you should be using in your advertising efforts in 2023.

These include:

  1. Leveraging Advantage+ campaigns
  2. Working with influencers
  3. Setting up Meta\’s Conversions API
  4. Using \’open\’ and \’broad\’ targeting
  5. Making the best of lead gen forms

Check out the full post over on Search Engine Land for the details on each of these best practices.

Scott Davenport

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