Month: March 2021

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Technical SEO Best Practices for Beginners

For HVAC or any other brand and business, we want to make sure that our websites are not only well built, but kept up over time. The last thing we want to do is make it and leave it, because it will, over time, not work as well as it could if you took the […]
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Jan Manchun Wong has shared a tweet saying that Twitter is working on a community page, which are pages created by individuals.

Jan Manchun Wong has shared a tweet saying that Twitter is working on a community page, which are pages created by individuals. Currently, not much is known about Twitter’s community page, but as George Nguyen said, it might let the social platform compete with Clubhouse. Source – Search Engine Land
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YouTube Is Testing Removing Public Counts On Videos

YouTube is trying out a new experiment where the public dislike counts will be removed on a select number of creators’ videos. The idea is to try reducing the impact of negative behaviors on YouTube. The creators themselves will still be able to see their like and dislike counts in YouTube Studio, but with this public removal […]
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Twitter Updates Amplify Pre-Roll Video Ads, With New Display Format and Curated Placement Categories

Twitter has made an announcement of a new expansion of its Amplify pre-roll ads, allowing brands to place their promotions next to Twitter’s premium video content. This could give HVAC quite an extra advantage when trying to post ads and promotions for potential clients. According to Twitter, they have over 200 video content partnerships, which […]
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LinkedIn Users Will Be Able To Add An Intro Video to Their Profile

LinkedIn’s user profiles will be getting an upgrade, which will let users add introduction videos. LinkedIn is also coming out with a new ‘Creator’ mode, as well. Quite a few managers who are looking to hire feel that video has become more important than before, especially during the current pandemic. Video helps with interacting and […]
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Are Spelling Mistakes In Google Searches A Good Thing?

Google has really evolved since the early days when it first launched in 1998. The search engine has become this juggernaut that has managed to help users find exactly what they are looking for. But what if you accidently misspell a query? On one hand, you\’d think that Google wouldn\’t know what you\’re talking about, […]