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Google Search Introduces Significant Improvements and Expanded Language Support

Google Search has recently implemented significant enhancements to its translation feature, resulting in improved user experience. When users perform a search query in a particular language, Google now has the ability to translate the title link and snippet of search results that were originally in a different language. In order to offer clearer information regarding […]
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How Do Removals Work In Google Search?

Have you ever done a search on a particular query on Google Search one day, found a result you liked, but then when you search for it again the next day, it’s suddenly gone? Somebody clearly had it removed from the results for one reason or another. In this episode of Search Off the Record, […]
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Does Google Search Console Geotargeting Hurt Search Rankings?

What is Geographic Targeting in Search Console? By setting geotargeting, you are able to specify the country of users you want to view your website most. It can be helpful for business that only caters to a particular country, not the entire international market. There are some people who believe that utilizing Google Search Console’s […]
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A Research Paper By Google Reveals a Shortcoming in Search

When we have something that we want to search for online, we typically our query usually takes the form of a question that we input into Google\’s search bar, and Google does its best to give back a list of relevant answers and sites. But there is a difference between something like \”What color is […]
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How People Search: Understanding User Intent

It\’s fun to think of the old days. Nostalgia can be a fun thing to think about occasionally, as remembering how things used to be can be fun. It\’s interesting to think about how back in the early days of Google, it relied mainly on plain text data and back links in order to display […]
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Crawl Budget and the Crawl Stats report – Google Search Console Training

In this Google Search Central video, Daniel Waisberg shows us an introduction to how Google crawls pages, and defines terms such as crawl rate, crawl demand, and crawl budget. After that, he’ll show us the newest version of the Crawl Stats report in Search Console!