B2B HVAC and the Evolving SERP Landscape (Whiteboard Friday)

The world of SEO is constantly changing, and keeping up with the latest trends is crucial for B2B HVAC businesses. In this blog post, we’ll be diving into a recent Whiteboard Friday by Moz that explores the top SERP features of 2024, specifically focusing on their impact on B2B HVAC businesses.

Tom breaks down the key takeaways from a recently published STAT white paper, highlighting the features that have seen the biggest shifts in presence and share of voice (SoV) since the beginning of 2023.

One key finding is the continued dominance of related searches. This feature appears in a staggering 99% of SERPs analyzed, compared to 84% in early 2023. While not directly clickable for traffic generation, it offers valuable insights for B2B HVAC businesses conducting keyword research.

The research also highlights the rise of mobile-first features. Videos are on the rise, particularly on mobile searches. This trend, possibly fueled by the “TikTokification” of content, highlights the growing importance of video content in B2B HVAC marketing strategies. B2B HVAC companies should consider creating high-quality videos showcasing their expertise, products, or services.

Similarly, carousels and image-based features are experiencing a surge in prevalence on mobile SERPs. This presents B2B HVAC companies with an opportunity to leverage high-quality visuals to grab attention and potentially earn featured snippets.

Moving beyond presence, the analysis of share of voice (SoV) reveals some interesting trends. Local packs (Places) have skyrocketed in SoV, even though their overall presence hasn’t significantly increased. This suggests that when they do appear, they occupy prominent positions on the SERP. This emphasizes the importance for B2B HVAC businesses to optimize their Google My Business listing.

The SoV analysis also shows a decrease in organic results, which now occupy only 28% of the share on smartphone searches. Knowledge Graph elements like weather and dictionary results are taking up more space, especially on mobile. This underscores the need for B2B HVAC businesses to adapt their SEO strategies to encompass a wider range of features beyond traditional organic ranking.

The decrease in news results and the testing of features like “ask a follow-up question” hint at Google’s potential future direction in SERP design. These changes underscore the need for B2B HVAC businesses to adapt their SEO strategies to encompass a wider range of features beyond traditional organic ranking.

By staying informed about the evolving SERP landscape and adapting their approach accordingly, B2B HVAC businesses can ensure their websites remain prominent and attract valuable leads.

Scott Davenport

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