Does Google Search Console Geotargeting Hurt Search Rankings?

What is Geographic Targeting in Search Console? By setting geotargeting, you are able to specify the country of users you want to view your website most. It can be helpful for business that only caters to a particular country, not the entire international market.

There are some people who believe that utilizing Google Search Console’s international targeting feature isn\’t necessarily good for all cases. They say that it, even though you\’re trying to reach a wider audience, it can end up hurting your search rankings.

During a December 31 Google Search Central SEO office hours hangout, this topic was brought up by Aleem Bawany, who appeared along John Mueller. He was wondering why a smaller sister site ended up outranking his main site, despite the fact most of his content was on the main site. Only select pieces of content from the main site would appear on the sister site.

This is a totally legitimate concern, as you’d assume the main site would be doing better if it has most of the content, compared to the sister site.

So if you\’re running an HVAC business that caters to multiple geographic regions, this is something you may want to take a look at.

The full discussion can be found in the video below.

Scott Davenport

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