How People Search: Understanding User Intent

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It’s fun to think of the old days. Nostalgia can be a fun thing to think about occasionally, as remembering how things used to be can be fun. It’s interesting to think about how back in the early days of Google, it relied mainly on plain text data and back links in order to display search results.

But now, Google has changed. A lot, actually. It seems that Google has become a totally different beast ever since those early days of simple search. Algorithms have changed, and have gotten much more sophisticated, allowing for users to obtain the results that better suits them.

What kind of search intent types are there though? How does user intent and content relate to each other? Because of the more sophisticated ways search engines are made to be, intent has become more sophisticated from Google’s point of view.

In an article by Search Engine Journal, they talk about user intent when it comes to search. the post focuses on:

  • Rankings.
  • Search volumes.
  • Organic traffic levels.
  • Onsite conversions.

Check out the full post here.

Scott Davenport

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