A Research Paper By Google Reveals a Shortcoming in Search

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When we have something that we want to search for online, we typically our query usually takes the form of a question that we input into Google’s search bar, and Google does its best to give back a list of relevant answers and sites.

But there is a difference between something like “What color is a banana?” and something much more specific and nuanced. Google will do its best to give you the best answers it can, but sometimes, despite the search engine’s evolution and complex algorithms, sometimes it just can’t give you the results you’re looking for.

According to a Google research paper on Long Form Question Answering, it can be quite difficult to answer long word questions that are quite complex. The researchers, in the end, had to admit that some of the results they got back needed to be improved. But this isn’t unexpected, since we know Google isn’t always perfect.

Roger Montti of Search Engine Land read the research paper and wanted to share it because “focuses on solving a shortcoming in search that isn’t discussed much at all.”

Check out Roger’s post here for all the details.

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