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Twitter Introduces First Stage of Encrypted DMs Rollout

Twitter has finally started rolling out encrypted DMs, but it\’s not yet fully secure. The company has been testing the feature for months, but it\’s still not ready for prime time. In a blog post, Twitter said that it doesn\’t yet offer protections against man-in-the-middle attacks. This means that a malicious actor could potentially intercept […]
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Twitter Rolls Out A New Video Marketing Education Course

Have you thought about releasing new videos on Twitter that really stand out? Twitter recently came out a new, eight-part educational series on video marketing that does that. This new series is called ‘Unskippable’, and provides a practical overview of key elements of creating video clips that make users want to stop and watch them. Each video […]
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Paid Subscription Showdown: Twitter Blue VS Meta Verified (Infographic)

For a while, we all know about Twitter Blue and its subscription service, but have you heard about Meta Verified accounts? A new subscription service called Meta Verified will become available in Australia and New Zealand this week, and will soon expand into other countries. The service will cost $11.00 (or $14.99 if you purchased […]
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Twitter Blue Subscribers Are Now Able To Tweet 4,000 Characters

Recently, Twitter announced the launch of the new character max through both its main account and Twitter Blue profile. n the announcement, Twitter says, “while only Blue subscribers can post longer Tweets, anyone and everyone can read them. you can reply to, retweet, and quote Tweet a longer Tweet, no matter if you’re a Twitter […]
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Twitter Launches Search Keyword Ads Beta Test To All Advertisers

On January 24th, Twitter launched a beta program called Search Keyword Ads, which was released to all advertisers. According to Twitter, \”advertisers can bid to insert Promoted Tweets solely among specific search results, reaching people with high real-time intent & improving ad relevance.” “Search Keywords Ads differ from other Twitter Keywords campaigns in that they […]
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What Do The Checkmarks In Twitter Mean In 2023? (Infographic)

If you’ve had your time browsing Twitter, you’ve likely seen checkmarks and profile indicators on a number of different accounts. At first it was easy, we just had blue checkmarks, but now, it’s gotten more complicated than that. Now that Twitter is seeing new leadership under Elon Musk, we first began seeing blue checkmarks being […]