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Facebook Announces New Support Initiatives for SMBs to Help Due To The Pandemic

COVID has caused a lot of problems for us even since it began over a year ago. Companies have been having a lot of issues as well, as it\’s really affected how they do business. Facebook has recently released an expansion of their Invoice Fast Track program in order to support small businesses. With this expansion, […]
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LinkedIn Provides New Insights into Resurgent SMB Activity (Infographic)

COVID has certainly done a number on the world over the last year. It\’s hit us all in different ways, and for small businesses (SMB), it\’s been a real doozy. A lot of small businesses have gone out of business simply because less people coming in to support them, which is pretty sad. So many […]
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Google Simplifies Ad Creation Of YouTube Ads For SMBs

On June 21, during the International Small Business Week, Google announced that they are launching a simplified ad creation workflow for video ads on YouTube, and is now available globally on both desktop and mobile. Now, advertisers can launch a campaign by adding a video, selecting the specific audiences, and designating a budget. Here\’s what […]
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How Are SMBs Tackling Social Media Marketing? (Infographic)

Digital marketing is always changing, always adapting. In order to keep up with the ever changing evolutions that digital marketing brings, advertisers must change and evolve at the same time. There are a number of different ways we can learn and adopt to the newest digital marketing options. This is where SkyNova comes into play. The SkyNova […]
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Small Business and Link Building (Infographic)

Because of the constant change Google\’s search algorithm is always going through, it\’s always a good idea to have a link building strategy for your HVAC business\’s digital marketing plan. Despite the constant evolution of Google\’s algorithm, links will always be a key indicator of website quality and trust. If you can keep up a […]