LinkedIn Provides New Insights into Resurgent SMB Activity (Infographic)

COVID has certainly done a number on the world over the last year. It\’s hit us all in different ways, and for small businesses (SMB), it\’s been a real doozy. A lot of small businesses have gone out of business simply because less people coming in to support them, which is pretty sad. So many people have been affected negatively because of it.

Brand new data from LinkedIn has been released, which states some interesting news. It seems that there are some small businesses that are beginning to crop in in niche areas now that other small business are now gone. The survey was conducted with about 3,000 LinkedIn members in order to get some insights into the top priorities, plans and processes for SMBs in 2021.

Check out the following insights in LinkedIn’s full report, which it’s translated into the below infographic.


Source – Social Media Today

Scott Davenport

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