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How To Successfully Report Your SEO Process!

No matter what got you into doing SEO, there can be things that you will both love and hate about it. One of the things that you probably don’t have much love for is the reporting process. According to a poll done done by Aleyda Solis, the least favorite SEO related activity is reporting, Although the […]
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How to Create a Successful SEO Report

One of the important aspects of a good digital marketing strategy is great SEO reporting. SEO reporting tracks your website\’s overall SEO performance. It tells you what part of your marketing efforts are working and what isn\’t. It also recommends opportunities for growth and lets marketers know what efforts bring clients and what areas need […]
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Using Custom Reports for Ranking Opportunities

In SEO, reporting plays an important role in developing a strong digital marketing strategy. By collecting the right data and knowing how to sort and understand the information, marketers will be able to figure out what efforts bring customers and what areas need improvements to provide a quality ROI for the company. Staying on top of […]
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How Storytelling Fuels Reporting Your Clients Can Get Excited About

Perhaps you\’ve been marketing your HVAC business for a while now, and you\’ve learned a few things over the years of how to get your message across., but even then, there will be time when clients will scrutinize and disparage the data that you share with them. Why would they even do that? You\’ve presented […]
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Google Smart Shopping Campaigns: The Advertisers’ Guide to Structure, Optimization, & Reporting

On Marketing O’Talk, the gang is joined by PPC experts Pamela Lund, Kirk Williams, and Cole Soldwisch to talk about Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns. In this video, we will learn how we can structure smart shopping within your account, how to optimize campaigns, reporting hacks, and more!