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Upcoming Cookie Changes That Can Affect Your eCommerce Website (Infographic)

By now, many of you will have heard all about Google and Apple changing up how browser tracking works. And as many of you have realized, this could really mess with you, especially if you are running an eCommerce website where ads are an important part of your site. If you want to know how these cookie […]
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Upcoming Cookie Changes That Will Affect Your eCommerce Website (Infographic)

For years, every business website has been utilizing cookies to track website visitors, improve the user experience and collect data that helps us target ads the the right audiences, but we will need to learn about our visitors differently soon, because Google has been planning to phase out third-party cookies on Chrome browsers by 2022. […]
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The Third-Party Cookie Ban: Unlocking The Secrets Of First-Party Data

With third party cookies going away in 2023, what will we do once we wave goodbye to them? Despite them not going to be around forever, we will be shifting to first-party data, which will allow us to can pinpoint and own our own audience’s true preferences. Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and […]
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Third-Party Cookies and Digital Marketing: Preparing for 2022

Back in the early part of 2020, Google announced that by 2022, the search engine was going to eliminate third-party cookies from Chrome. During the meantime, Google promised to figure out a more private alternative that would make users and advertisers happy. So hopefully you have been trying to figure out a way to deal […]
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Cookieless Data Is Not The Only Concern In Search Marketing

For those who might not know what exactly third-party cookies are, they \”cookies that are set by a website other than the one you are currently on. For example, you can have a \”Like\” button on your website which will store a cookie on a visitor\’s computer, that cookie can later be accessed by Facebook […]
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Google Won’t Provide Alternate Data Tracking Options When Third Party Cookies Go Away

As this news may have reached a number of us, Google is phasing away third party cookies. Despite any speculation around potential replacements of these cookies, Google won’t provide a way to maintain the same kind of data tracking after cookies go away. As explained by Google: “We continue to get questions about whether Google will […]