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An Apple Search Engine?

Could Apple be trying to branch their business model into the search engine market? In 2018, Apple sought to bolster development of its own web search engine by buying machine learning startup Laserlike, which was founded by three former Google search engineers. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Tom shows talks to us about his research […]
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How Do You Get Around The iOS Update With Facebook?

In the digital world, privacy is important, especially in this day and age when everybody and their brother has some semblance of an online presence. When iOS 14 was released in September of 2020, Apple gave consumers more control over the data they share with advertisers and publishers. But, from the advertising perspective of Facebook, […]

How to Save Your Email Marketing Campaign from Apple\’s iOS 15

If your HVAC business uses email marketing to get clients, as well as stay in contact with them, you might want to take a listen to the following HubSpot video. Apple\’s iOS 15 update will have some pretty big updates including Mail Privacy Protection, which will make you have to work extra hard when it […]
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Facebook Updates Their iOS 14.5 Prompt In An Attempt To Keep Users Data Tracking On

Apple\’s 1OS 14.5 update is out, and with it are the new data tracking prompts that rolled out along with it. Due to this Apple\’s 14.5 update, Facebook has come out with their own new element to the iOS 14.5 prompts where they are trying to encourage users to keep data tracking on when using the Facebook […]
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Apple’s New App Tracking Permissions Is Live In iOS 14.5

If you\’re an HVAC business that\’s been doing advertising on as many platforms as possible, including both Android and Apple mobile devices, this news is important to know about if you haven\’t heard about it already. As of this writing, it’s been a couple of days since iOS 14.5 officially launched. In case you’ve been […]
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Google Ads Announces Steps For A Smooth Transition With Apple’s ATT Release

Many of us probably have mixed feelings on data tracking on our devices. Sometimes it can be useful, but other times, it feels like an invasion of privacy when you know a company is taking your data when using their app. What are they doing with all that information? Luckily, for those who are worried […]