Google Ads Announces Steps For A Smooth Transition With Apple’s ATT Release

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Many of us probably have mixed feelings on data tracking on our devices. Sometimes it can be useful, but other times, it feels like an invasion of privacy when you know a company is taking your data when using their app. What are they doing with all that information?

Luckily, for those who are worried about having their app data taken, Apple has decided to do something about it.

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency has recently gone live. With this new update, iOS users will now have the option to accept or decline sharing data across different apps.

With this change, Google has decided that it will change the way conversion information for ads service is reported and measured on iOS14.

Some of the details for advertisers promoting web-based conversion goals include:

  • Google will not send the Google click identifier (GCLID) for iOS 14 traffic coming from ads on a handful of Google apps. because of that, it’s possible that there will be a decrease in reported website conversions.
  • Advertisers running Display, Video and other campaigns promoting web-based conversion goals have a chance of seeing performance fluctuations as Apple’s ATT policies go into effect and as Google expands modeled conversions to more iOS 14 traffic. 

Source – Search Engine Land

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