Ad Targeting

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Connecting Businesses With B2B Targeting On Facebook

I know that this is a weird idea, but if you’re a B2B business, you might want to consider using Facebook in order to connect with other businesses. A lot of B2B businesses will probably think this is an odd idea, because Facebook doesn’t really seem like the kind of platform they’d use for networking. […]
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HVAC Contractors Can Target Consumers Via Streaming Services

These days, it seems we\’re moving away from traditional television, and moving towards more streaming services. We\’re watching our entertainment through the likes of YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and the like, and this has caused the way companies market to change how they do things. This has caused quite a challenge on how HVAC contractors […]
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LinkedIn Outlines the Strength of its Reach and Ad Targeting Options (Infographic)

LinkedIn recently launched a new overview talking about the benefits of reaching active users using its platform. The overview also covers how brands are using LinkedIn’s ever changing ad options to discover and connect to the right audience in the app. In the following LinkedIn infographic, yo will read about details on the platform’s growing audience, it’s trust […]

Optimized Targeting Expand Your Audience To The Ones With The Best Chance Of Converting

For some Google Ads accounts, a brand new \”Signal\” has started popping up, which can be found under the Demographics tab and is focused on optimizing targeting. This new feature is now rolling out to Google Ads managers now. Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads Liaison, recently tweeted that optimizing targeting “uses audience & demo inputs […]
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What Are Some Powerful Facebook Ads Targeting Options You Can Use?

Facebook is a great place to get to know what\’s going on in the world, both globally and locally. The more we use the platform, the more it continues to grow, opening up a lot of potential advertising opportunities for marketers and businesses. Even though Engagement Remarketing options were introduced on Facebook, not many marketers […]
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LinkedIn Provides an Overview of Effective Ad Targeting (Infographic)

How has your HVAC business been handling the pandemic over the last year? Has there been a decline in business? Is it the same as it was before COVID struck? Or did you have to close things down? Regardless of how things have affected your specific business, things will begin getting better sooner rather than […]