Month: August 2022

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How To Find Your Real SEO Competitors – Whiteboard Friday

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but just like with everything else in your work, it’s just as important to keep an eye on your business competition. This was the case back before the internet, and now it’s just as important in the digital age. When you are able to complete a comprehensive SEO competitor […]
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What Are Some The Best SEO Plugins For WordPress That You Should Know

SEO WordPress plugins are tools created to complement features on websites and blogs, which can help make them be more complete. They can provide several options and functions for users to customize their web pages. Because of these plugins, it can help you meet the needs of your SEO strategies. We’ve all heard about why […]
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How To Use Facebook Ads For Ecommerce Success

It goes without saying that Facebook Ads can help increase the visibility of your content and sales of your Ecommerce business. When you first get into Facebook Ads, it can be a bit overwhelming for sure. But White Shark Media is here to help straighten things out and make them easier to use in your Ecommerce endeavors. […]

How To Use Social Proof In Your Ad Campaigns

Let\’s imagine you\’re online shopping for a brand new desk for your office, and you hop online to check out the reviews. Let\’s assume you find three of them that would look good with the rest of your office. The first one has over 600 reviews and has a 4.5 star rating. The next one […]
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What Are Some Of The Best Podcasting Tools That’ll Help You Start Growing Your Podcast?

With the widespread popularity of podcasting, marketers and business owners have been given the ability to reach an unprecedented amount of people in the online world. People just love listening to podcasts. But are podcasts right for your business? Let’s think about this from the standpoint of your audience. If you have a blog where […]
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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft Advertising For Your Business

When you’re doing PPC, the first platform you think of is Google Ads, and on most occasions, you probably wouldn’t even think of Microsoft as another PPC option. That’s ok, because others forget too. But if you do remember to utilize it, Microsoft Advertising will easily help you reach even larger audiences than what you […]