Why Do Micro-Influencers Play Such An Important Role In Influencer Marketing

These days, influencers are everywhere. It’s a hot form of marketing right now. They can be great for connecting both organic social reach and paid ads, and are incredibly effective when it comes to marketing just about anything.

We can say that influencer marketing started way back in the 1930’s when marketers experimented with figures like Santa Clause. As we found out, if somebody who everybody loves promotes a product, they love the product too. This is how influencer marketing began. According to Experticity, 92% of consumers trust the recommendations of people they follow on social media. They don’t trust advertising from brands nearly as much.

But there is another type of influencer – the micro influencer. What are micro influencers, you ask?

According to ReferralRock.com, “Micro influencers are normal, everyday people who have a passion or interest in a particular topic or niche. They tend to share their opinions, views, likes, and personal recommendations about products or services in the niche and have built a larger, but not too large follower base (2,000 to 50,000) of people who are also interested in the same product or niche.”

To learn more about them and why they can play such an important role in influencer marketing, check out a post by Neal Schaffer where he discusses this very topic.

You can check out his post right here for more details. From here, you can figure out if you think that micro-influencers are a good fit for your marketing campaigns.

Scott Davenport

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