How To Choose The Best Colors For Your Social Media Graphics (Infographics)

According to, over 92 percent of people feel that, when deciding on who to buy products or services from, visual stimulation is the #1 influencing factor in that decision.

It makes sense, because we, as humans, are very visual creatures. Parallel Interactive pointed out that “color psychology affects us on a level that we may not even realize. Colors on the blue side of the spectrum are often described as calm, and may invoke feelings of trust, tranquility, and influence. Warm colors like reds and yellows can trigger a range of emotions from warmth and comfort to anger and hostility.”

This is why choosing the right colors for your social media graphics are an important decision you need to make early on.

The team from Giraffe Social Media share their guide to color psychology in marketing in this infographic.

These brands were included in the following infographic:

  • Coca Cola
  • Twitter
  • Ikea
  • Fanta
  • Lacoste
  • Cadbury

Source – Social Media Today

Scott Davenport

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