Why Are Infographics Important? How Do You Create An Infographic That People Will Love?

When it comes to consuming information, it’s generally considered easier to watch a movie then to read a book. It’s easier to look at a well put together image than reading an essay.

Basically, visual representation is typically more effective than words, and infographics are graphical visualizations of data, information and knowledge. Infographics mix images, charts and text to give a simple and accurate overview of a subject or topic.

Check out the following Zenesys infographic to see why they’re important to implement in your content.

But how do you create an awesome infographic that your audience will love?

Latasha Doyle, wrote an article on the subject of creating an infographic. If you want to begin making incredible images, but you don’t have much design experience, check out her article on Jeff Bullas’ website!


Scott Davenport

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