Who Are Nano Influencers And How to Work With Them (Infographic)

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A common approach to mapping out your HVAC-based influcencer marketing strategy is to go for the biggest people, since they will usually bring in the biggest numbers of potential customers. It’s understandable that that’s what you’d want to spend your money on, because of the best chance of a great ROI.

But lets think about it for a moment. Are the big players the only people you want to focus on in your strategy? It’s a great idea to look at the value of smaller communities. At times, they can be more engaged than larger communities, and they can even help you connect with people who will have a higher chance of buying from your brand.

These types of influncers are called ‘nano’ influencers, and they can be a great asset to your brand, even though the size of their audience isn’t as large as the mega influencers.

It’s worth looking deeply into your audience analytics to make sure you take the right approach to influencer marketing. For more context, the team from Planoly created an infographic around nano influencers and the possible benefits you can get from this particular type of outreach.

Nano influencers infographic

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