What Are The Best Facebook Tools For Marketing Your Business?

Let’s face it – just like Google, Facebook tends to consistently throw curveballs at businesses that are trying to reach out to their customers and potential customers, all while sticking to the platform’s best practices. It can be frustrating for sure, but despite these curveballs, Facebook is still the web’s biggest social platform for both users and businesses.

Even with the size of Facebook and the incredible amount of users it has (which Facebook had 2.934 billion monthly active users in July 2022), getting your business to grow on the platform can be challenging. Not only do you have to find the right audience for your business, you also have to consider all the competition you have to face on the daily as well.

Thanks to the massive reach that Facebook has, as well as all the features it has (which can be somewhat confusing for many), what can you do to make things easier to market your business?

In an article over on Neal Schaffer’s website, he’s listed a number of Facebook marketing tools that can help.

The tools include:

  1. Facebook Blueprint
  2. Facebook Ad Library
  3. Facebook Ads Manager
  4. AdEspresso
  5. AgoraPulse Ads Report
  6. Perfect Audience
  7. Qwaya
  8. Wordstream Free Facebook Ads Grader
  9. Buffer
  10. Sociograph
  11. Gleam
  12. Wishpond
  13. Woobox
  14. Drumup
  15. Post Planner
  16. Promorepublic
  17. ManyChat
  18. MobileMonkey

Check out Neal’s post over on his site over here for more details on each tool!

Scott Davenport

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