5 Important Components Of A Compelling YouTube Video

There are a number of common complaints that business owners tend to have:

  1. “We’re not getting enough traffic to our website.”
  2. “Our social media isn’t converting the way we want them to.”
  3. “Our bounce rate is just too high.”

Many different social media platforms do have a number of their own benefits, there’s one that many brands tend to not think of – YouTube.

We know not everybody is comfortable creating video content, but let’s be honest here, the benefits brands gain from video content is undeniable.

If you aren’t using YouTube for your business, you’re honestly missing out on some epic opportunities.

Back in the day, you could throw a link and a quick description into Facebook and Twitter, and you’d get some traffic, but YouTube has really grown into its own, not just as a platform for the average user, but for brand marketing. These days, it has become a titan for brand competition, as brands who created an audience were up by 95% from last year.

So in an article by Chintan Zalani, he’ll introduce you to five elements that your videos should adhere to – all of them work cohesively to increase your watch time. These elements include:

  1. Informational, inspirational, educational, or entertaining value
  2. Clickworthy thumbnails
  3. Engaging hook
  4. Crystal clear audio quality
  5. Persuasive call-to-action (CTA)

Check out the full article and each of these five points over here to read all the details

Scott Davenport

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