A Guide To Using LinkedIn Business Manager

Are you trying to manage multiple ad accounts, pages, people and teams on LinkedIn? If you’re looking for ways to collaboratively manage a number of company pages, ad accounts or asset on the LinkedIn platform, then I think many people can feel your pain. Luckily, that’s what the LinkedIn Business Manager is here for!

As explained by LinkedIn:

“LinkedIn Business Manager is a new platform that makes it easier for organizations to manage the people, ad accounts, Pages, and the businesses they work with from one place. For large advertisers and agencies that market across multiple ad accounts and Pages, Business Manager provides a central view of all your ad accounts and Pages and offers seamless control across them.”

In an article by Anna Sonnenberg on Social Media Examiner, she shows us how to use LinkedIn Business Manager to access and delegate shared work across teams.

Check it out if you’re trying to get a handle on LinkedIn Business Manager!

Scott Davenport

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