Thought Leadership And SEO: The 3 Key Elements And Search Ranking Strategies

You might be wondering – what exactly is thought leadership, and how does it affect search rankings?

Thought leadership isn\’t exactly something new, and has become a commonplace thing when talking about content marketing and public relations tactics. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “the practice of developing important new ways of thinking that influence others.”

Of course, how you define thought leadership can vary depending on who you\’re asking. A thought leader as “an original and inspired thinker who takes principled stands, and as a result introduces the element of tension that draws others to them,” said the CEO the American Marketing Association.

What\’s the value of thought leadership? According to Western Governors University:

Expertise, insight, and a valuable perspective are elements that lead to thought leadership status. To be an effective thought leader is to possess a depth of knowledge no one else has. There are several key benefits to this:

  • Qualifies you as a reliable source of insight and information that can successfully influence others. 
  • Boosts your industry presence and builds your brand.
  • Establishes credibility in your field. 
  • Encourages you to focus on what you know best and look for opportunities to express it frequently. 
  • Offers unique guidance and inspires innovation. 
  • Encourages forward thinking.

The following Mozcon presentation dives deep into the topic of thought leadership, and gives us a lot of practical takeaways for becoming a thought leader authority.

Andy Crestodina helps us answer the foliowing questions:

  1. Can brands be thought leaders?
  2. Can it be outsourced?
  3. Do you need to publish research? Or strong opinion?
  4. How does it attract links and authority, rankings, and qualified visitors?

Here, we’ll be shown how a personal brand plus content will drive us to success.

Scott Davenport

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