How Can Coding Skills Improve Your SEO Efforts?

Do I need coding skills for SEO? The short answer is no. Typically, SEO doesn’t really require much, if any, hands-on coding knowledge to succeed. But, the longer answer is yes, as a good sense of how programming can work, or even an ability to code itself, will come in use as you do your SEO work.

What is SEO coding? According to SEO Design:

“SEO coding is the process of writing or rewriting the programming for your website in a way that search engines can read and index your content. This is key to understand because coding is so valuable to your website. Code is what websites are built on, which is written in its own language. This can be done in various ways with different coding “languages”. Coding can take years to master, and good coders can cost a lot of money to hire. However, they can be worth it. While this is something that you can do on your own, some businesses may choose to find SEO programmers to do this for them. Many people are busy running their own business and do not have time to learn how to code. Finding the right programmer to boost your SEO can change so much for your website!”

Basically, as stated above, although it’s not required or mandatory to know how to code in order to be a good SEO, but it can help if you have any level of knowledge on coding.

But, there are four strong reasons why you should learn to code:

  1. You’ll end up with a better understanding of the technical side of a website. This will help you hone your SEO and analytics skills.
  2. You can speak to your developer in their own language. This also means they won’t be able to take you for a ride anymore.
  3. You can solve a number of problems and automate tedious tasks.
  4. You will be able to stand out even more in the SEO field (no matter if you’re directly in the SEO field or not) and in your industry.

Roger Montti wrote an article that shows us 10 ways that understanding code can help turn a good SEO into something even better.

Check out the post over on Search Engine Journal.

Scott Davenport

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