The Difference Between Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn Writing

Thanks to the ever-changing social platform algorithms, it can be difficult to generate engagement with your social media posts. But you know that great writing can connect you with your audience, so no matter how things change, you keep up with those changes.

No matter what, we use social media to foster relationships with your target audience, where you share all of the cool things that you are doing and offering to customers and clients. This is why it’s important to carefully and deliberately craft your social media content.

As you know, social media content writing is the process of writing content for social media audiences, usually across multiple major social media platforms. It can include writing short captions for TikTok or Instagram Reels, long-form LinkedIn articles, and everything in between. 

If you think about it, it’s easy to lump the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in to one big pile. We assume that if you write something for one, it’ll work just as fine for the other two. But that’s not really how you should think. The audiences for these three platforms are different, and they tend to expect content written in a certain way for each.

The goal here is to make sure you take the time to customize your writing style to each of the audience.

To see some great examples of how Neal Schaffer did that with some recent posts about social media and B2B branding, check out his post over on his site for the details!

Check out the article here!

Scott Davenport

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