The Content Marketing Trap – Why Writing Content Can Drive Zero Traffic

You just got finished creating an incredible landing page or blog post for your HVAC business that\’s sure to bring in a lot of people hungry for the knowledge you\’re laying down for them. But after a number of days you\’re seeing very little to no traffic coming to that page. You\’ve marketed it, you\’ve posted it on all your social media accounts, you\’ve even utilized PPC, but yet….nothing.

What gives?

Just because you\’ve created some content does not guarantee that you\’ll get traffic pouring in. So what do you do?

You need to focus on keywords that are popular and go in-depth with it. More importantly, you want to focus on content clusters or topic clusters and not just keywords.

The following video will help you avoid this problem. Neil Patel takes the time to break down the content marketing trap and why writing content can drive zero traffic.

Scott Davenport

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