Search Engine Optimization: How to Rank Number One on Google

Search engines are a gateway to visibility. Countless people perform searches online every day, and we do it without even thinking about much of the time. If we want to know something, we type in a query and are instantly provided with millions of websites that will help provide the answer.

This sort of visibility is the motivation behind search engine optimization, and we want to get as much visibility as possible. We want to be as close to number one the SERPs as possible, so we will have the highest chance of being seen. After all, the more we’re seen, the better chance of getting that coveted sale or conversion.

If you want your content to rank as high as possible, and you want a strategy that’ll help get you there, Social Media Examiner will help you get there.

In their video, here is what they cover:

  • Search Engine Optimization And Search Intent
  • The 180 Playbook Strategy For Ranking In Search
  • 180 Playbook Stage 1: Technical SEO
  • 180 Playbook Stage 2: Content
  • 180 Playbook Stage 3: Page Optimization
  • 180 Playbook Stage 4: Link Building

Scott Davenport

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