Portland Businesses: How to Optimize Your PPC Campaigns for Greater ROI

Pay-per-click campaigns, also known as PPC campaigns, have the potential to exponentially boost your business’s sales. They do so by increasing your visibility on search engines, providing you with leads likely to convert, and developing insights into your customers’ online behavior. Combined with marketing strategies that boost your organic traffic, PPC campaigns lead to positive results for your business. However, creating a worthwhile PPC campaign for your website is not easy.

Understanding the nuts and bolts of PPC is challenging and can waste your valuable time. We’re giving you the best strategies and tips for tackling your next PPC campaign. However, if you are a business using pay-per-click in Portland, consider using a local marketing service to run your campaign and achieve optimized results.

What Is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising?

When you run a search on Google, you will see ads listed at the top of the search results page. Businesses run these advertisements and pay a fee every time someone clicks on the ad. This kind of advertising technically falls under Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and is used by businesses to outrank competitors and drive sales. 

Top Tips for Optimizing Your PPC Campaign

Optimize Your Keyword Strategy

Performing research is crucial in finding the right keywords to target. Take a good look at the keywords your customers are searching to understand better how they look for the products you’re selling. 

It’s also important to remove irrelevant and low-performing keywords. These keywords have the power to drag your campaign down, costing you money in the process. 

Create the Best Possible Landing Page

If you’ve optimized your keywords and receive clicks on your ads, don’t forget about the landing page. This step is the part where you actually make a sale or conversion–pretty much the whole point of the campaign! 

Create a landing page that is relevant to your ad and target audience. Ensure this page is fully optimized, easy to navigate, and persuasive to your target audience.

Target Your Audience

You must set up parameters to target your ideal audience to gain visibility in front of prospective leads. PPC advertising allows you to target your audience through gender, age, location, and other demographics. When you use geotargeting in your campaign, you are able to run multiple campaigns for different segments of your audience. For example, if you are a business running pay-per-click in Portland, consider the audience you want to target in your area.
Taking on a PPC campaign is hardly simple and often involves many moving parts. Businesses running a marketing campaign with pay-per-click in Portland should consider getting extra help to stay above the competition. Thrive is based in Portland as a pay-per-click company, offering many different marketing services. For more information on pay-per-click consulting and how you can optimize your PPC campaign, check out our website.

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