New Features Announced For Google’s Ads Editor Version 1.8

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Google Ad Editor is a utility program that lets you make changes to your campaigns through excel and upload them to your account via .csv files. This is very useful for creating multiple or large-scale charges, especially if you have users who are used to and comfortable with excel.

It can be quite useful as it saves marketers time and lets them focus on other initiatives.

The latest version of Google Ads Editor has been announced and includes some new features:

  • Overview page: A new view, “Overview,” has been created in Google Ads Editor and is a lot like the over page found in Google Ads Editor’s interface.
  • Auto-apply view for Recommendation: A new view that can be found under Recommendations, called Auto-apply, lets you enable or disable automatic application of specific recommendation types.
  • Support for asset-based call extensions: Google Ads Editor completely supports asset-based call extensions, and is also known as “Call extensions (upgraded)”.
  • Support for asset-based price extensions: Google Ads Editor will fully support asset-based price extensions, which is also known as “Price extensions (upgraded)”.
  • Target CPA recommendations for Display, VAC, Discovery: For some accounts, Google may provide Target CPA bid recommendations for new Display, Video Action (also known as “Video – Drive conversions”), and Discovery campaigns.

The announcement includes many more new options for advertisers.

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