Lessons Content Creators Learn The Hard Way

When something unfortunate or bad happens, you might ask yourself, “How could I let this happen?” This could be something that happened either in life or in your business. Sometimes you learn the easy ay, and other times, you learn the hard way.

There are people who first started out creating content for a website, and it isn’t ever easy. A lot of these people wouldn’t normally consider themselves writers, so creating content for webpages or blog posts is a really daunting task.

Over the years, they learn many lessons along the way, and they learn them the hard way.

What are some lessons that they have learned that all of today’s content creators can learn from?

According to Copyblogger, there are several lessons we can take away from those who have before us:

  1. Survey the horizon before planning your content
  2. Batch write when you can
  3. Offer levels of engagement
  4. Step down from the pulpit in order to get to know your reader
  5. Don’t be afraid to swim against the tide – break the rules
  6. Build a series that breaks up your list
  7. Present your ideas in a number of different formats

Here are three more lessons from Copywriter:

Scott Davenport

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