How To Research And Beat Other Company Pages On LinkedIn

So you\’ve created a brand new company page on LinkedIn and you\’re curious as to how to grow an audience? Or perhaps, you\’ve had one for a while now, and you\’ve noticed that the competition is outpacing your page?

How in the world do you get that traffic and do better than your competitors?

You\’ll be glad to know (unless you already know, which is great!) that you can use the upgraded LinkedIn competitor analytics dashboard to really rev up your company page.

Social Media Examiner has an article you can check out to help you surpass other LinkedIn company pages!

The article covers how LinkedIn Competitor Analytics can inform your marketing, and tells you how you can use the Competitor Analytics Dashboard for Company Pages

Here are the steps they cover:

  1. Choose Competitors to Follow
  2. Compare Audience Size and Growth Rate
  3. Reverse-Engineer Page Growth
  4. Check Competitor Highlights for a Quick Content Comparison
  5. Compare Organic Content Metrics
  6. Review Competitor Content
  7. Chart Competitor Analytics Over Time

Check out the article to get more details on each step!

Scott Davenport

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