How To Write Ad Copy That Converts And What To Avoid?

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If yo create great HVAC ad copy, you’ll likely see more interested people interested in what you have to offer, especially compared to copy that just isn’t as good. You want to create a real connection with the image/video of your ads so that you encourage potential clients to click on the ad.

With great ad copy, people will see it as more than just an ad. They will see it as a guide. It’ll show them where to go, which will increase your chances of doing business with them.

Many advertisers typically dive into structure, testing and more, but will usually gloss over the copy itself. What these advertisers miss is that ad copy is the root of their advertising.

Alysa Altman did a deep dive in her SMX Convert session, where she talked about writing ad copy that converts. Check out the recap over at Search Engine Land.

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Scott Davenport

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