How To Succeed With LinkedIn Company Pages

A great number of businesses these days have a LinkedIn account because they recognize it as a powerful tool that not only shows people what their business is all about, it can help generate leads and develop new partnerships.

By having a LinkedIn company page, you have a public avenue to share more information about your company, which can help you create a specifically crafted image of who your business is and how you started, your goals, achievements, and so on.

If you want to have more people to follow your LinkedIn company page, and you want to know how to improve your LinkedIn content marketing, check out Social Media Examiner’s video to find out a strategy that will work for your company page!

Their video covers the following points:

  • Why You Should Pay Attention To LinkedIn Company Pages
  • LinkedIn-Edelman Annual Report
  • Steps to Refresh Your LinkedIn Company Page
  • New LinkedIn Company Page Features
  • 3-2-1 Content Strategy For LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Types Of Content For LinkedIn Company Pages
  • How To Use LinkedIn Live Events With Company Pages
  • How To Use LinkedIn Newsletters With Company Pages
  • How To Grow A LinkedIn Company Page Following

Scott Davenport

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