What Is SEO Forecasting And How Can You Predict Revenue From Search Volume?

Staying competitive in this current digital world means maximizing your content, which means you have to have an SEO strategy in place.

One of the things that is vital to that strategy is SEO forecasting.

SEO forecasting is the process of using analytics data from previous search traffic to identify patterns that can help you predict future results. It’s kind of like trying to predict the weather. By seeing what came before, you might start to see patterns, which could help you figure out what is coming next.

SEO forecasting basically helps your business decide what strategies to use or improve for the best outcomes and value.

SEMrush has created an infographic that shows you can can predict revenue from search volume. Although forecasting isn’t exactly a simle and one agreed-upon way to forecast, SEO, this infographic should help lead you in the right direction.


Scott Davenport

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