An Overview Of What Nostalgia Marketing Is And Its Benefits (Infographic)

Have you ever watched an ad on television and suddenly got hit with fond memories of the past and the good old times came rushing back to you. As we understand it, that’s nostalgia, which is described as the sentimental longing that we feel for periods in the past that gives us warm feelings when we think of the positives from our younger days.

Did you know that there marketing campaigns that specifically cater to those feelings of nostalgia? Yup!. It’s called nostalgia marketing.

What is Nostalgia Marketing?

Nostalgia marketing is all about connecting your brand with positive concepts or ideas from the past. In other words, it’s a tactic of associating your company with something that customers already love and have fond memories of. 

If you’re looking for a nostalgic angle for your campaigns, this new infographic from Spiralytics will help.

Source – Social Media Today

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