How to Do SEO Automation With JavaScript

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Although it has been around for quite a long time now, JavaScript has become incredibly popular over the last few years. Even in 2021, JavaScript is something that is still used in many facets of different online communities and websites.

When I personally think of JavaScript, I think of coding that allows you to make your website more interactive and engaging, and is typically used for simple online games that people can play to pass the time.

But JavaScript is a programming language that can be used for more than just games and creating a more engaging website. It can be used for the business end of things as well.

A couple topics that are becoming more popular in the SEO industry these days include both programming and automation. Having new and different ways to obtain data at scale with as little human interaction as possible can be both useful and easy!

Being able to automate your data gathering can really help out because it allows the human to focus on other things. This means that they can get more done without doing unnecessary work that can be done by a program.

Check out Jose Hernando‘s Search Engine Journal post where we will learn about some of the advantages of utilizing JavaScript to automate SEO tasks, and more!

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