How Is Keyword Research Useful For SEO? How Do You Rank With It?

When you are utilizing any SEO strategy for your business, I can understand why you’d want to skip the keyword research portion of your work. You think you already know all the keywords that people are using to find you.

Even if you have an idea of the keywords that are useful to you, we can still learn a lot from the words and phrases people are actually using when they search online. You’d be surprised by the fact it can be quite different from what you assume are the right words or phrases.

The impact on SEO seen a huge shift in keyword research than what you might be used to. As Search Engine Journal said, it’s moved towards a deeper understanding of what words mean in different contexts, especially depending on the topic.

Roger Montti  has written a post where he shows you what you need to knows bout keyword research today, and how you can use it to rank well on the search engines.

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