How Do You Prioritize Your Content Audit Findings And Take Action?

SEO is a landscape that is constantly changing and evolving, thanks to Google’s regular algorithm changes and updates, forking organizations with websites to always re-evaluate their SEO strategies as a result. These companies have no choice but to carry out content auditing from time to time.

A content audit is the process of analyzing and assessing all the content found on your website with the end goal of revealing strengths and weaknesses that are present in your content strategy and content development workflow. When finished, the content audit will help you adapt you r content plan to your current marketing workflow.

In a Search Engine Journal article, Zack Kadish focuses on how you can bucket content during an audit in a way that’ll help you understand what to do with it in the future.

The article takes a deep dive into what a content audit is, how it can be prioritized on your website, and what resources you might need to accomplish this.

Read the full article here!

Scott Davenport

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